What to Look For in Potential Restaurant Employees

  1. Stability - You don’t want employee’s to be leaving in two months. Look at past employment sheet records. Stability also refers to the applicant’s emotional make up.
  2. Leadership qualities - Employees must be those who are achievers and doers, not individuals who have to be led around by the hand. Look at past employment positions and growth rate. 
  3. Motivation - Why is the applicant applying to this restaurant or the restaurant industry in general? Is the decision career related, or temporary? Does he/she appear to receive his/her motivation from within himself or by a domineering force such as a spouse or parents.
  4. Independence - Is he/she on their own? Does he/she appear to be financially secure? At what age did he/she leave home? And for what reasons?  
  5. Maturity - Is the individual mentally mature enough to work in a stressful environment? Will he/she be able to relate and communicate to other employees’ and customers who may be much older than himself or herself?
  6. Determination - Does he/she seem to always finish what he/she starts? Does he/she seem to look for or retreat from challenges? Examine time at school and at last job.  
  7. Work Habits - Is the applicant aware of the physical work involved in restaurant employment? Has the applicant done similar work? Does the applicant appear neat and organized? Look over his/her application/resume, is it filled out per the instructions? Neatly? And in ink? Examine past jobs for number and rate of promotions and raises.

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