What Is Your Objective?


What is your objective? This is the first question I ask anyone seeking consulting help.

What is the client’s objective should be the focus of the client/consultant relationship. In order to achieve the desired outcomes of any project (big or small), clear and concise objectives and outcomes must be agreed upon.

Reducing food or labor costs is not an objective. It is just a means to an end. Increasing cash flow so I can send my kids to college or take that long sought after vacation sitting on a beach sipping margaritas may be your real objective. Objectives can be business or personal; they usually overlap in one way or the other.

Maybe you want to start a new restaurant. My first question would be “why?”  Maybe you have always dreamed of owning a restaurant. By discussing your objectives it is important for us to understand what success will look like. Visualize it….How will it improve your life? What advantages will a successful restaurant have on you or your family? Your long term objective may be to develop a chain of successful restaurants…maybe franchise your concept? What will that mean to your financial future?

These are the discussions I have with all of my clients before we begin any project. It is important that clear objectives and outcomes be discussed, established, and agreed upon in order to achieve maximum outcomes and values.

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