Seek Results.....Not Activities

I am often asked by my clients to provide training services. As if somehow the process of “training” will magically make all of their operational problems disappear. My response is always the same, “what is your objective?”  By focusing on the output (results) rather than the input (tasks) you can eliminate steps (work) that has no bearing on the success of your restaurant. Going through the motions of a training program does not guarantee results. It only guarantees you going through a “training process” that may not be needed. I have always believed that one should never do more work than is absolutely necessary to get the desired result.  Besides, isn’t it all about results?

The problem with providing an employee with a “job description” is that the job description focuses on tasks, not outcomes. It is conceivable that an employee can complete each task listed on the “job description” and still not provide you (the owner) with the desired result. Think about it….your restaurants profitability and reputation is predicated on the results your employees achieve. Activities (tasks) mean nothing if they do not deliver the desired result.

By defining results rather than tasks you allow your employees to interpret their jobs in the way it works for them. The result will be increased productivity, enhanced guest service, improved moral, and more sales and profits for you.