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May 3, 2012


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15 Keys to Quality Service (Continued)

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Protecting Your Profits

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15 KEYS to Quality Service (The Restaurant Manager) (continued)

 Key # 5 - Train Employees. Managers must know how to train employees so they are unconsciously efficient in the necessary functional tasks. Outstanding service personnel have their tasks so "sanitized" that they can focus more on the individual needs of their guests. Managers explain, demonstrate, let employees try (and make mistakes), redirect their behavior, and "habit" employees' skills so that they may perform their duties in such a way to exceed guests' expectations. 

Key # 6 - Coach From the Dining Room Floor.  Successful managers spend time in the dining area where they can provide moment-to-moment feedback on employee service. They set a standard decorum for the rest of the staff, greet guests, and remember and use their names when they enter the restaurant. The manager's job is to assist the service crews in creating a bond of loyalty with the guests. Coaching means that managers provide positive reinforcement. They tell people when they have done "it" (good service) right.

Key # 7 - Give Constructive Criticism. Managers know that employees cannot remain enthusiastic about a task unless they are challenged by it. In order to assist their crew in becoming better workers, managers must make the staff aware of their mistakes and help them change. Do it in a positive manner!

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A Bit of Wisdom 

If I had it to do it all over again, I'd do it all over again.

Yogi Berra

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 Protecting Your Profits

Employee theft is such a major problem that it is a leading cause of restaurant failure. There are several reasons as to why the restaurant industry is susceptible to loss from employee theft.

They are:

  • There are several ways employees can combine house receipts with tips.
  • High employee turnover.
  • Access to cash.
  • Food and liquor are highly desirable items.

In order to combat the problem of the theft, you must learn to recognize the symptoms.

Some of those symptoms may be:

1. Become familiar with the warning signs of substance abuse. In most instances an employee will need the extra money to finance a habit.

2. Refuses to take a vacation. Employees who refuse to go on vacation may be afraid that their substitute will discover their dishonesty.

3. Condoning dishonesty in others. Employees who steal tend to have a different belief system when it comes to theft. Rather than believing theft is wrong, they may condone the acts of dishonest employees as, "It’s no big deal. It was only a few bucks."

4. A change in behavior. Employees who suddenly exhibit an unexpected change in their behavior should be a warning sign to management. Watch for sudden mood swings, nervousness, hostility, and other emotional changes.

5. Over protection of work records or files. Employees who are reluctant to give up custody of records or files may be keeping incriminating facts and documents close to them.

6. Violating the work rules. Employees who rebel against company policies and procedures should be watched.

Additionally, employee embezzlement can put you out of business. Employee theft is far worse than all the theft committed by your customers. You need to take the right steps to protect your cash.

 Note: I cannot tell you how many times a client of mine has refused to believe an (I thought they were so honest) employee would steal from them. Whether its an issue of complete denial or a distaste for confrontation.

Don't let yourself become a victim of theft. Unfortunately, it's a very distasteful part of being a business owner that must be dealt with.    



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