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May 17, 2012


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15 Keys to Quality Service (Continued)

A Bit of Wisdom

Acknowledge, Anticipate, Provide

Business Plan - The Basics

 Tips and Things

15 KEYS to Quality Service (The Restaurant Manager) (continued)


Key # 11 – Schedule for sufficient coverage Managers must not focus on keeping labor costs down. Rather they must focus on keeping service standards high, which translates into higher profits.

Key # 12 – Pay Attention to Details A manager must recognize that it’s the smallest details that make a restaurant great. 

Key # 13 – Recognize and Develop a Relationship with Your Regulars A savvy manager knows the value of recognizing and welcoming “The Regulars.” The gusts appreciate the fact that they are recognized for their patronage.

Key # 14 – Established FLEXIBLE Complaint Procedures Errors occur. It’s the nature of the business. But how a manager handles a guest complaint can be an effective marketing tool. Guests complaints are opportunities to show how must you care about guest satisfaction. A manager must enforce establish procedures that empowers staff members to correct errors immediately.

Key # 15 – Observe and Evaluate the Operation An effective manager knows the importance of continually evaluating the operation. Managers must remain flexible in order to accommodate change when it’s called for.


For those of you who would like to grow your own herbs and vegetables for your restaurant but don't have the room, a new product is now available. It is called the Tower Garden. This would be a terrific addition to your patio dining area. It is a unique product, it is attractive, and it is sure to become a conversation piece. You can use it to grow a multitude of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs. The cost is minimal, and it pays for itself in a matter of months.   

Click here for more information on this amazing product and to order. It's great for the home as well.

A Bit of Wisdom 

Humorist Will Rogers who was part Indian once spoke to a group of "society" people. One of them told him afterward, "My ancestors came over on the Mayflower."

Without missing a beat, Rogers replied, "My ancestors met the boat." 


Acknowledge, Anticipate, Provide

Acknowledge Guests on Arrival with a Hospitable Greeting – The “eye,” the “smile,” and the “word.” Are the three keys to a warm and genuine welcome.

Anticipate and Attend to the Guests Needs – Guests should never have to “search” for an employee when they need service.

Provide Knowledgeable Information – Employees need to be prepared to answer the guests questions in regards to the menu.

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 Our Web Site Has Evolved

Our very talented web designer, Cynthia MacDonald of Athensguy.com has completed the changes to our web site. Included is a slide show that shows the evolution of the development process  (Before & After). We are also showcasing our Coaching/Mentor program. This program is designed for Managers, Chefs, Owners, and Operators. 

We are also archiving our past newsletters on the site as well. I invite you to check it out. 

 Business Plan  - The Basics

The business plan should comprise of seven sections:

Cover Letter - Include the dollar amount you are requesting, terms, and time frame for repayment.

Business Summary - The name and location of the restaurant, a brief description of the menu, the target market, and any competition. Include the profiles of the management team. Also include goals, financial needs and projections.

Market Analysis - Discuss in detail your industry segment.

Market Strategy - Detail pricing and marketing strategies.

Management Plan - Include an organizational chart, job descriptions and responsibilities of the key management personnel.

Financial Data - Provide a comprehensive pro-forma that includes, use of cash, capital requirements, five-year sales projections, cash flow analysis, and break-even analysis 



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