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May 10, 2012

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15 Keys to Quality Service (Continued)

A Bit of Wisdom

Training - The Key to Success†

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15 KEYS to Quality Service (The Restaurant Manager) (continued)

Key #†8 - Get the Most out of Your Service Staff. Managers recognize employees as individuals and credit those who excel and providing memorable service. .†

Key # 9 - Facilitate Service by Supervising and Adapting Systems and Procedures so the Staff has no Obstacles to Providing Good Service.†Competent managers are aware the well-designed systems are vital to achieve the company's service philosophy. However, no system is perfect and even the best of systems must adapt with change. Managers need to recognize that their systems should be, "Designed for the convenience of the guest rather than the convenience of the organization."†

Key # 10 - Maintain Clarity of Purpose.Managers must remind employees in words AND actions that guests are the operations first concern and that systems and procedures are not the end-all; they are the methods used to achieve/exceed guest satisfaction.†

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A Bit of Wisdom†

Understanding how to operate a successful restaurant is a lot like having a hangover; until you actually experience it, you just don't know what it's like.

Diamond Jim Brady

Follow me on Twitter @ronsantibanez. I post frequent tips and suggestions to Improve Your Profitability.

†Training - The Key to Success

You have probably heard the saying that you train dogs, but you educate (teach) employees. However, we sometimes forget that in order for education (teaching) to be deemed successful, students, or employees must learn. Training (teaching) programs are useless unless the planned objective is met.

Creating a proper environment for learning to occur is the responsibility of the restaurant manager.

In order for learning to take place, the following conditions must exist:
1. Acceptance that all people can learn.
2. The individual must be motivated to learn.
3. Learning is an active, not passive process.
4. Normally, the learner must have guidance.
5. Approximate materials for sequential learning must be provided: hands-on experiences, cases, problems, discussions, reading.
6. Time must be provided to practice the learning, to internalize, to give confidence.
7. Learning methods, if possible, should be varied to avoid boredom.
8. The learner must secure satisfaction from the learning.
9. The learner must get reinforcement of the correct behavior.
10. Standards of performance should be set for the learner.
11. A recognition that there are different levels of learning and that these take different times and methods.

Often, it is assumed that because training (teaching) takes place, the employees have learned. Learning does not take place until and unless the information that was part of the training program was received, understood, and internalized.

For any teaching program to be effective, it must be designed and presented in a manner that promotes learning.

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