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May 22 2013


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When Sales Begin To Slow....Assess Your Systems

Integrate Training Into Your Organization

Restaurant Start Up - The First Six Months

When Sales Begin To Slow......

When sales begin to slow you need to assess your systems and procedures. By doing so, it forces you into an analytical and logical mindset, rather than grasping at straws. You cannot control the economy or your local market; however, you can control your operational efficiency and effectiveness. Consider the following:

Sixty to eighty percent of your business comes from repeat customers; it's paramount that you meet or exceed your guest's expectations over and over. However, too many operators fail to recognize that to be consistent, they must have systems in place that promote consistency.

Many operators are of the mindset that to draw more guests they need to increase marketing and promotions. While it is true that better marketing can generate more traffic, it is also true that if you don't provide your customers with an excellent food and service experience you will only succeed in disappointing more rapidly your target market. 

Thought For The Day

"I have found that being honest is the best technique I can use. Right up front, tell people what you are trying to accomplish and what you are willing to sacrifice to accomplish it."

~ Lee Iacocca

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Integrate Training Into Your Organization

Because the major investment of any organization is in people, training can be a powerful change agent. Those who manage or conduct the training have to be both business and training experts. The more training supports the organization's goals and addresses the organization's key problems, the more successful both the training and the organization will; be.

You employees need to see how their training relates the the restaurants objectives; they need a reason for participating in the training. If a trainee arrives for a training session not knowing what the training is all about or what is expected of them, or if the trainer fails to establish or clarify training objectives the first hour, the training will miss its intended mark-----if it ever had one.

Well planned and executed training programs can work and can improve productivity. But restaurant managers should remember that training is no panacea for all the restaurants ills. It is certainly not a cure for shoddy human relations practices, poor communication, or even inadequate management.


Restaurant Start Up - The First Six Months 

  • Don't put too much emphasis on growth such as franchising, or the next location; get this one right  and create it as if it will be your only restaurant.
  • Budget for higher costs and lower sales for the first six months
  • Create an environment where people want to work and customers want to dine.
  • Hire good management who have a following or who can naturally attract good talent.
  • Be in constant communication with guests and staff.
  • Take care of issues promptly; don't let them fester or multiply.
  • Be sure you have timely financial reporting.
  • Train, train, and train your staff.


~ ~~~Boohooed put much emphasis  

" The truth is that there is nothing noble in being superior to somebody else. The only real nobility is in being superior to your former self."

~ WHITNEY YOUNG (19211971)



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