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March 13, 2013


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Tips and Things - 10 Signs That Portion Standards Are Not Being Followed


 Restaurant Start Up - Kitchen Design and Equipment


 Tips and Things

10 Signs That Portion Standards Are Not Being Followed

  1. Measuring tools aren't being used to portion food.
  2. Standards are lacking for serving bowls, plates, and cups.
  3. Portion markers aren't used to cut pies and cakes.
  4. Customers tell you that portions are either too large or too small.
  5. Too much food is being left on the plates in the bus tub going to the dish room.
  6. Customers are making frequent trips to the salad bar.
  7. Entree portions are too large and are discouraging the sale of appetizers and side dishes.
  8. Dessert sales are low.
  9. Customers are requesting many doggie bags too often.
  10. Too many items are left over or used up early in the meal period.

Thought For The Day

"Nine-tenths of wisdom consists in being wise in time."

~ Theodore Roosevelt


 Somebody once said that "leadership is getting the heard to move roughly west!" and I think that is an accurate description of the reality of it.

Within the parameter of "roughly west' you will have people who will be headed straight west at a dead run and you will have some who seem to be milling around. Some days you will move faster that you will on other days, but if the general movement of the organization is west, you will be okay.


Restaurant Start Up - Kitchen Design and Equipment 

  An efficiently designed kitchen with labor saving equipment is by far the most effective way to reduce labor costs. After several months of operation, examine the kitchen in action. Look at each employee, what are his/her motions and movements? How many steps must be taken to reach food items and more stock? Look at the position and layout of the equipment, is it set up in the most efficient way possible? Ask the employee's how they would like their work areas set up, and how it could be more efficient. They are the real experts as they work the same job every day. Look at the wait staff work areas, could they be made more efficient? This exercise will result in faster and better service.  



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