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February 20, 2013


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Tips and Things - Do You Have A Problem?

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When You Delegate....Expect Mistakes

 Restaurant Start Up - The Menu


 Tips and Things

Do You Have A Problem?

 Sometimes we have to be knocked on the head to come to the realization that we have a problem with waste and inefficiency. So many restaurants get into trouble because they're wasting time and money. Why has the waste continued to the point where it threatens the profitability of your restaurant? The reason is that management isn't aware that it has a problem until it is felt in the pocket.

Nobody can detect the amount of waste if there are no cost standards to compare with the actual results.

It just keeps slipping away.

Thought For The Day

"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt."

~ Henry J. Kaiser

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Cost control needs to be ingrained into the culture of your restaurant. When such a business philosophy becomes ingrained, it is said to be "institutionalized." It is critical that your staff place a premium on absolutely, positively getting the greatest value for the least cost in every aspect of your operation.

Some managers/owners hide facts and figures from their employees out of fear that if they will know the restaurant is losing money, they will start looking for another job....or, conversely, if they know a profit is being earned, they will lobby for raises.

Cost and quality control is the responsibility of all employees. Don't keep them in the dark....   


When You Delegate....Expect Mistakes

A "mistake" only shows you the extent of a persons understanding. We all slip a few times when taking on new challenges. Since no one like to fail, making a big deal of an error will only destroy the desire to learn and add another "rule" to the book. Approach your job as a coach would ("This is good, that is good, let's work on this part now.") and you will do fine. Bear in mind that you, too, are also learning.....in this case, learning how to delegate successfully....and you should expect a mistake or two yourself as you learn how to do it effectively.


Restaurant Start Up - The Menu 

  The bottom line in determining what portion size to serve is to "serve the largest portion feasible, but charge accordingly. It is far better to serve too much food than too little. Perceived value is the key to determining the relationship between price and portion size.

The crucial element that must be reinforced is that every menu item, entrees, side dishes, and some desserts must be a specific weight and size. Portion controlling is the basis for the restaurant's entire cost control program; its importance cannot be overstated.




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