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     Ron's Tip Jar/Insights - Published by Ron Santibanez   

March 9, 2015


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Relationship Marketing

Quick Tip

Relationship Marketing

As a consultant, relationship marketing is at the center of our marketing efforts. When our phone rings from prospective clients, the question of whether or not we possess the necessary skills is not the issue. You see, most prospective clients cannot evaluate expertise; just like they really cannot tell a really good tax return, a clever motion, or a perceptive diagnosis. But they can tell if the relationship is good. Customers are good at knowing if they feel valued. Our web site is designed to establish a relationship with prospective clients. This e-mail newsletter, the tips of the month, and the “ask the restaurant experts” page is all designed to let our prospects learn a little more about us (sampling if you will).

So how does this relate to my restaurant you are probably asking? 

Restaurants have the same unique opportunity. They can fill an important need in many people’s lives. It’s not just about good food (that’s a given), but rather how can you increase frequency by establishing a relationship with your customers. How well do you know your regular customers? Do you know the names of their children or grandchildren? How about birth dates and anniversaries? What have you done lately to make sure your customers feel connected to your restaurant?

Those of you who operate independent restaurants have a distinct advantage over the major chains. You and your staff can develop this kind of special relationship with your customers. You can instantly react to special needs and desires that your customers crave. Once you have formed this special relationship, your customers are only too happy to share your restaurant with others.

Before you try and satisfy “the customer”, understand and satisfy the person.

Thought For The Day

"Few people are sucessful unless a lot of people want them to be."

~ Charles Brower

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Quick Tip

The Value of Quality and Training

If quality food is a value, stick to the products that your restaurant can deliver with the highest quality. If training is a value, never cut back or eliminate a training program. Both of these values will stimulate sales. Not performing these values will cause your customers to go elsewhere.


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