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June 21, 2012


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Tips and Things - 9 Ways To Improve Employee Performance

A Bit of Wisdom


 Tips and Things

9 Ways To Improve Employee Performance  

The issue of employee recruitment and retention has long been a problem for restaurant owners/operators. Many restaurant operations have struggled to find and retain top notch employees.

With that in mind, below are 9 ways to improve employee performance. By utilizing these methods you can greatly increase moral and significantly increase employee performance.

1. Hire the values you are looking for.

2. Find out why employees are not performing and ask what you can do to help them do a better job.

3. Tell employees what you expect.

4. Give your employees clear performance standards.

5. Make sure your employees have the tools to do the job.

6. Get your employees input on what behaviors they (the employees) should be engaged in.

7. Have your employees come up with 10 "house rules."

8. Train, coach, evaluate, and reward the behaviors identified above.

9. Improve your feedback by dealing with problems that are within your employee's control. Think through what you will say and how you will say it. And be specific about behaviors rather than attitudes.


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A Bit of Wisdom 


Employee Training and Motivation

 Back in the early days of the Industrial Revolution an English factory owner compiled a list of ďsuggestionsĒ for his employees. The language is blunt, but as you read each closely, you will find that his ďTen CommandmentsĒ are as applicable today as they were then. The ten are:


  1. Donít lie. It wastes my time and yours. I am sure to catch you in the end, and that is the wrong end.
  2. Watch tour work, not the clock. A long dayís work makes a long day short; and a short days work makes my face long.
  3. Give me more than I expect, and I will give you more than you expect. I can afford to increase your pay if you increase my profits.
  4. You owe so much to yourself that you cannot afford to owe anyone else. Keep out of debt, or keep out of my factory.
  5. Dishonesty is never an accident. Good men, like good women, never see temptation when they meet it.
  6. Mind your business and in time youíll have a business of your own to mind.
  7. Donít do anything here that hurts your self-respect. An employee who is willing to steal for me is willing to steal from me.
  8. It is none of my business what you do at night. But if dissipation affects what you do the next day, and you do half as much as I demand, youíll last half as long as you hoped.
  9. Donít tell me what Iíd like to hear, but what I ought to hear. I donít want a valet to my vanity, but one for my money.
  10. Donít kick if I kick. If youíre worth correcting, youíre worth keeping. I donít waste time cutting specks out of rotten apples.



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