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     Ron's Tip Jar/Insights - Published by Ron Santibanez   

June 19, 2013


In This Issue:

Delegation as Training

Rigorous Standards Equals Consistency

Quick Tip

Delegation as Training

Delegation has the virtues of of giving you essential thinking and planning time, enabling you to concentrate on high priority problems, expanding overall results, and raising awareness all around, that productivity is a cooperative enterprise. And perhaps the most important benefit of all, that the person on the receiving end of the delegation is being given valuable training.

The delegation process goes something like this:

  1. You choose a capable person
  2. You explain what is to be done, and why, as well as deadlines and any potential problems.
  3. You give the employee the necessary means and authority to carry out the task.
  4. You check frequently, monitor progress, and make clear you are available to help with any snags (the trick is to keep a close watch on quality without hovering).
  5. You evaluate the finished product.
  6. You give the employee feedback on the quality of his or her performance, making sure to thank him or her and praise the person who performs well.

Delegation can be used as a developmental strategy for those employees that show potential. Delegation of a piece at a time, of small jobs first, can boost morale and confidence, while gradually preparing the employee for larger and more responsible assignments.

Thought For The Day

"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable."

~ Seneca

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Rigorous Standards Equal Consistency

.If you have standards, but occasionally compromise them.....you don't have standards. The key to greatness is consistency and the key to consistency is RIGOR.

Rigor means strictness to your actions. Rigor means avoiding the tempting shortcuts and holding to high standards, even when it is inconvenient or you think that nobody would notice.

Lack of rigor creates inconsistency. and inconsistency leads to lack of trust and credibility with both your guests and your staff. Lack of rigor on your part tells your staff that it is okay to cut corners.

Nothing is more important than doing it right.


Quick Tip 

Food cost is not a single-dimension number or ratio. Food cost percentage is sometimes misused and its importance can be both under and overstated. Calculating a monthly food cost is relatively meaningless if it is not compared with a cost standard. In turn, the cost standard will have no real value unless it has been objectively determined. You cannot use another's food cost or apply a broad industry average.

Remember the Four Faces of Food Cost

  • Maximum Allowable (what can you live with)
  • Actual
  • Potential (Ideal)
  • Standard (add in tolerances for unavoidable waste, employee meals, comps, etc.)

~ ~~~Boohooed put much emphasis  


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