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     Ron's Tip Jar/Insights - Published by Ron Santibanez   

July 22, 2013


In This Issue:

Promoting Outstanding Service

Restaurant Start Up - The POS System

Quick Tip

Promoting Outstanding Service

Never let yourself become complacent when it comes to promoting outstanding service. Always ask your customers how you can be better. Ask them what you are doing right and what needs improvement. Listen carefully to what they are telling you and be prepared to act upon all viable suggestions.

Your waitstaff is your direct line to your customers, so train them to actively listen to what the customers are saying. When customers see you act upon suggestions for improvement, you will develop loyalty. Appreciate each customer and do everything you can to ensure their satisfaction, whether you manage a coffee shop, diner, quick casual, or fine dining restaurant.

Happy customers are loyal customers. And its the loyal customers that will spread the good news about you and your restaurant. Happy customers are the best marketing tool. 


Thought For The Day

"You win only if you are not afraid to lose."

~ Rocky Aoki

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Restaurant Start Up - The POS System

Not matter how well you prepare, you are going to discover that your POS system will require some changes and modifications. Certain items may not ring up properly, modifiers need to be changed or added, and some pricing will be wrong. You can head these issues off by having your staff ring up hypothetical orders during your training sessions.

Discover problems before you open! Also, make sure you select a POS company that provides excellent service and will be on-site on opening day.   

Quick Tip 

If you concentrate on selling only menu items with low food costs, your overall sales revenue will not be optimized.


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