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August 15, 2012


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Tips and Things - The Successful Manager

A Bit of Wisdom - What! No Signature Item?

10 Steps To Taking An Inventory



 Tips and Things

The Successful Manager

The success of a restaurant manager depends greatly on the willingness to adopt a leadership philosophy that calls for a belief in people...their worth, their abilities, and their growth potential. This type of philosophy will build a strong foundation for building sound relationships with your people...relationships that will lead to personal growth and success for them, you, and your restaurant.


Thought For The Day

Donít cry because itís overósmile because it happened.


If you try and save money on training, you end up spending twice as much on advertising.


For those of you who would like to grow your own herbs and vegetables for your restaurant but don't have the room, a new product is now available. It is called the Tower Garden. This would be a terrific addition to your patio dining area. It is a unique product, it is attractive, and it is sure to become a conversation piece. You can use it to grow a multitude of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs. The cost is minimal, and it pays for itself in a matter of months.   

Click here for more information on this amazing product and to order. It's great for the home as well.

A Bit of Wisdom 

 What! No Signature Item?

.What are you going to be famous for? What are your guests going to tell their friends about? Signature items create an identity for your restaurant in the minds of your market. Advertising bombards people with hundreds of slick advertising messages every minute of every day. Not surprisingly, they tune most of them out. Signature items help you create an image in peopleís minds and help them remember you when they make a dining decision.

Signature items do not have to be your most expensive menu offering. They do not even have to be related to your main menu theme. They just have to be special preparations that you do better than anyone elseÖ..and that your guests will rave about.

What are you famous for?


10 Steps To Taking An Inventory


  1. Organize the storeroom
  2. Use pre-printed inventory forms
  3. Inventory Forms should be arranged in the same sequence as the storeroom
  4. It is easier for two individuals to take inventory together
  5. Food inventory should be taken at least once a month
  6. Bar inventory should be taken at least once a month
  7. In some smaller operations, you can inventory major items and estimate the rest
  8. Inventory the back bar in tenths of a bottle
  9. Inventory expendable items quarterly, or when expenses are high
  10. The more you take inventory:
  • The quicker you become
  • The easier it is for the chef and kitchen staff to find items
  • Purchasing becomes easier
  • You can better reduce/control thievery.


The smallest hole will eventually empty the largest container in a restaurant, unless it was made intentionally for drainage, in which case it will clog.

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