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15 KEYS to Quality Service (The Restaurant Manager) (continued)

{Key # 2} Hire Competent Staff - They have "people sense" and make the right hiring decisions. According to Elton Statler, the three most important factors to a successful hotel are "location, location, location". Using this approach, the three most important factors in successful service are "Selection, Selection, Selection". In addition to role modeling, managers must identify individuals with "People Skills and hire them. No matter how much modeling or training is provided, a service person who does not enjoy people and cannot demonstrate enthusiasm for them will be unable to give hospitable service.

{Key # 3} Respect Employees - They are fair in all their actions and, most of all, demonstrate a deep-seated respect for their team. It has been said, "All employees come with a brain at no extra charge, so why not use it."

{Key # 4} Communicate with Staff - They know that employees must understand exactly what is ex[expected of them and and have the linguistic ability to affect the right behaviors.

What's Keeping You Up at Night?

Management's job is to see the company not as it is, but what it can become.

Many times restaurant owners/operators are overwhelmed by the day to day challenges of the job. They often lose focus on the most important aspect of their job; to LEAD. Successful managers are great LEADERS. They have the ability to rally the troops and bring people together for a common good.

Examine your management skills. Are you leading the troops, or are the troops leading you?†


Would you get into a taxi and tell the cabby, "Drive anywhere"?

Would you wander onto the first plane you saw at the gate without bothering to ask where it's flying?

Of course not. Yet it's amazing how unfocused we can be about the biggest asset we have--our lives

Goals shouldn't be†blurry, half baked, or fuzzy. Living a deliberate life requires being focused because today you're living out the choices you are making today.

The more precise, exact, streamlined, and specific you are about where you're going, the more powerful your life will be. It's like painting by the numbers in reverse.

First comes the big picture, then the bits that make the big picture complete.

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