Make Cost Control Part Of Your Business Culture

Your employees should be told what it costs to operate the restaurant. You would be amazed at the misconceptions that employees have on profit. More often than not, they will overstate the profit on a menu item. Show employees how their performance affects the overall profitability of the restaurant. Use examples of how waste, over portioning, overtime, theft, and breakage affects overall profitability.

Once cost controls have become institutionalized in you business, employees will identify with ownership interests and adopt a more conscious approach toward waste and inefficiency. Quality control is the responsibility of both the individual employee and management. Service and cost standards must be self-monitored because management cannot oversee every transaction and employee-customer encounter,The internalization of the cost and quality mentality is not accomplished by substituting rules for judgment. Judgment can be developed only by empowering your employees and trusting that they will respond with your interests in serving the customer.