FAQ - Work schedule issues


I'm doing a report for school based on the scheduling issues at my job. Right now the schedule is on a week to week basis, but it gets very confusing for the managers to keep track of everyone's availability. My suggestion is to write a schedule on a month to month basis instead, and each month the employees write out their availability. Anyway, I am looking for some professional opinions about my idea, the pros and cons, and even some suggestions on where I can get articles or any other information about the subject. Pleas email me back at your earliest convenience.

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I can tell you from personal experience that at first glance, writing a schedule a month at a time may seem like a good idea. However, most employees do not plan their lives that far in advance.

I remember being inundated with shift change requests because of doctor's appointments, family gatherings and other issues that popped up during the month.

I am not aware of any sources that deal with the pros and cons regarding this subject.

Ron Santibanez
Profit Line Consulting, Inc.