FAQ - Similar marketing plans over the web


I have just been browsing through your web site and congratulations, I was fascinated. I am an assistant restaurant manager in the Melbourne CBD (Australia). My restaurant has capacity for approx. 100 guests. The lunch market is mainly business people, the dinner market is a mix of business and tourists/travelers, and the weekend market is mainly special occasion. I want to do a Marketing analysis / plan for "Daniel's Restaurant". Could you help me access any examples of similar marketing plans over the web? I would be in your debt forever. Hoping you can help.

Kind Regards,
Emily Goodrich


Thank you for your kind words.
I am not aware of any examples available on the web. Typically this type of plan (which we do offer our clients) is customized based on market conditions, market strategy employed, as well as other external factors.

The purpose of a Marketing Analysis is to determine the current market conditions as well as make broad based assumptions based on demographic and phycographic trends.

Once this information is gathered and complied, it should be used to develop a marketing strategy for your restaurant. The tactics you employ should be based on the analysis of your findings.

Ron Santibanez
Profit Line Consulting, Inc.