FAQ - Neighborhood Marketing and Four Walls


What is your opinion of the newest marketing approach for restaurants...Neighborhood Marketing and 4 Walls promotion?

Is it safe to spend 70% of my marketing dollar within my own four walls?

Also, what are the best measurement tools for marketing media (i.e. radio)? How can you possibly tell who heard us on what station?



The approaches found in the books you described are neither new nor cutting edge. These approaches to marketing (formerly known as Local Store Marketing and in-house promotions) have basically been repackaged to look as though they offer a new insight, never heard of before. That's not to say the information is not relevant or useful (indeed it is).

My firm has been implementing these types of marketing programs for our clients for years, with much success. It is just a question of balancing out different strategies in order to maximize your advertising dollar.

Your question; "is it safe to spend 70% of your marketing dollars within your four walls"? Well that all depends (usually the safest answer for any consultant). It depends on what you wish to achieve. These types of programs are designed to increase frequency. I prefer a more balanced approach, maybe 40% in-house and 60% external.
I regards to your question with radio advertising, the best way to track the effectiveness is to tie in an offer (maybe a free dessert) if they mention they heard your ad on the radio.

Radio advertising is not very targeted, and up to 90% of the dollars you spend are wasted. There is no way around that. And every radio station sales rep will try to convince you that the more often your ad is aired, the more effective the ad will be.

Ron Santibanez
Profit Line Consulting, Inc.