FAQ - Manners Vs. Trend


We have been going to restaurants, as many people do, about once a week for several years now. I notice one thing that is continuous, except for a Red Lobster in Hicksville, Long Island that is routine at establishments we go to. This list includes family restaurants and high end eateries.

What is this new trend where your waiter or waitress refers to the people at the table as "you guys"? What is this about? I have even seen senior citizens being addressed in this manner. "Hi, you guys." "How are you guys doing today?" "Are you guys ready to order?" "Can I get you guys a drink?" It is awful. Even two priests and some nuns from church were addressed this way.

I have to say that when this happens, the party I am dining with or myself definitely give less of a tip; for the lack of respect that is shown to myself and the company I am dining with.

I hope there is some way the word will get out to whoever is training these people and to whoever trains the host/hostess employees to teach them how to respect the clientele. It may not seem important to them, but to the Patrons it certainly is.
Thank you for your time and I appreciate you taking my e-mail.

Margery Iannone


I certainly agree with you.

As a restaurant consultant each visit to a restaurant, affords me the opportunity to critic the establishment. I always take a moment to ask to speak to the manager in situations like you describe. Often, the manager is not even aware about the importance in how the waitstaff addresses the guests.

Obviously this issue can be corrected with proper training. As such, it is a vital part of the waitstaff training we provide.

Ron Santibanez
Profit Line Consulting, Inc.