FAQ - Keeping Cost Under Control


I'm trying to keep my food cost under control and at the same time put out meals that look great and taste even better. We have wonderful system in place. I am just looking for a few tips keep my eye no cost and still max out on presentation.


We have a list of 100 reasons why food costs are high. You can find this information at our Tips of the month page.
It sounds like you take great pride in the quality of food you serve, and you will only settle for the best ingredients. You also state that you have an excellent system for monitoring costs already in place.

If you are still not satisfied with your food cost percentage, I would recommend that you take a look at your gross profit on all your menu items. You should also cost out your menu, and verify your menu mix to determine your theoretical food cost percentage.

I have many clients who have food cost percentages in the high 40 percent range, simply because of the quality of food they serve in relation to the price points they are able to set due to customer price sensitivity.

Ron Santibanez
Profit Line Consulting, Inc.