FAQ - How to present a proposal


I would like to present a proposal to implement an Assistant General Manager position in all of the Restaurants in the company I work for. This would help managers who are on the career path to becoming a GM. My questions is what resources are out there for me that I can use in my proposal to persuade my company towards this and where do I find them? (This to include statistics, success stories from other companies, etc...)
Thank you.


If you are trying to convince your company of the benefits of having an Assistant GM position, they will probably want some financial data to back up your idea. I don't believe such hard data exists.† The reason most companies utilize this position is to provide on-going training and development for future managers.

You could safely assert that all major restaurant companies have an assistant position. This position provides additional management support, as well as management backup in the event of management turnover.

If your restaurant company has opted not to utilize this much need position, I would surmise it is because of financial considerations. This leads me to believe they need to re-evaluate their priorities.

Ron Santibanez
Profit Line Consulting, Inc.