FAQ - Floorplanning


I'm opening a restaurant in an existing building / plaza. I have two units that are both 25x80 which gives me about 4000sqf and is located in the center of the plaza. As you will notice that it is much deeper than it is wider. I will be offering an Italian menu both for dining in and for take-out. My question to you is; how do I go about putting a take-out section which enters from the front but won't bother other customers and at the same time, not have the customer feel uncomfortable having to go pick up his/her order.


Typically this type of situation would require a pick-up counter on the side of the facility near an entrance/exit.

Without the advantage of viewing a floor plan, I would recommend locating the kitchen area on the side of the building. This may require added expense depending where the utility hook ups are located.

This type of layout would allow for easy access for take out customers, as well as keeping the take-out traffic away from your dine-in customers.

Ron Santibanez
Profit Line Consulting, Inc.