9 Ways To Improve Your Employees Performance

The issue of employee recruitment and retention has long been a problem for restaurant owners/operators. Many restaurant operations have struggled to find and retain top notch employees.

With that in mind, below are 9 ways to improve employee performance. By utilizing these methods you can greatly increase moral and significantly increase employee performance.

1. Hire the values you are looking for.

2. Find out why employees are not performing and ask what you can do to help them do a better job.

3. Tell employees what you expect.

4. Give your employees clear performance standards.

5. Make sure your employees have the tools to do the job.

6. Get your employees input on what behaviors they (the employees) should be engaged in.

7. Have your employees come up with 10 "house rules."

8. Train, coach, evaluate, and reward the behaviors identified above.

9. Improve your feedback by dealing with problems that are within your employee's control. Think through what you will say and how you will say it. And be specific about behaviors rather than attitudes.

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