100 Reasons for High Food Costs

64. No standardized dishes, bowls, cups, and so on for plating
65. Failure to use measured portioning tools, for example, scoops, scales, ladles
66. Food issued from kitchen without written checks
67. No recording of waste and returned items
68. Carelessness, spillage, waste
69. Failure to adhere to portioning standards
70. Standard portions too large
71. Inadequate customer counts for food bars/buffets

72. Server theft
73. Cashier theft
74. Customer walkouts
75. Improper recording of items on guest check
76. Inaccurate price extensions on guest checks
77. Errors in addition on guest checks
78. Intentional or accidental omission of items from check
79. Poor menu design to promote low-cost high-profit items
80. Lack of internal selling by servers
81. No calculators provided for servers to total checks
82. No records of past sales for use in forecasting business
83. No monitoring of complimentary meals and discount coupons
84. No monitoring of voids and overrings
85. Failure to charge for add-on items, for example, coffee, tea
86. High incidence of bad checks and invalid credit cards being accepted
87. Missing guest checks
88. Failure to reconcile kitchen requisitions with guest checks
89. No record of mistakes and returned food orders
90. Ability of servers to get food from kitchen without recording sales
91. Resetting cash register readings
92. Under-ringing of guest checks
93. Guest checks not serially numbered and assigned to servers

94. No allowance taken for employee meals
95. No monitoring of employee meals
96. Failure to adhere to control rules and policies
97. Collusion between receiving and purchasing agents
98. Theft by delivery person
99. Errors made by accounts payable bookkeeper
100. Failure to deduct food transfers to bar

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