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Our Philosophy is simple.

Improve The Client's Condition.

One of the fundamentals of our success is to provide the client with restaurant consulting services that meets their objectives. Identifying what the client needs vs. what the client wants enhances long-term and lasting success.  It is this focus that has made us one of the top restaurant consulting firms in the United States.

We offer a wide range of restaurant consulting services that focus on specific objectives and value with measurable outcomes. Whether you are planning a new restaurant start up, or are looking to improve the profits of an existing restaurant, we have the expertise to make your project a success. 

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Restaurant Success Corner

A STANDARD IS A GOAL or expected level of performance that becomes the benchmark you will compare with the actual performance. Its an ideal condition one wishes to attain and a sense of where one seeks to be in relation to where one actually is at a point in time. The process of establishing realistic productivity standards begins with assembling data on productivity, which requires planning on the part of management.

Before attempting to develop any standard of employee performance or productivity, you must possess a clear and detailed perspective of the operation. That involves defining quality standards for food and beverages, the level of customer service, and the demographics of the customer base.           Read more on this topic

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